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How to Emulate the World's Fastest Growing Companies
Exponential Organizations (ExOs) are a new breed of businesses that scale up ten times faster than other companies. You'll learn the attributes shared by the world's fastest growing organizations, as well as how your company can most effectively leverage them. The first area of focus is inside your core business, to make your existing operations more efficient and avoid disruption. This helps transform your corporate culture to be more agile. Netflix is an example of a company that has repeatedly evolved its core from mailed DVDs to streaming to original content, while always maintaining its mission of delivering entertainment to customers. The second area of focus is placing smart bets on the Edge, where you can experiment with new business models. Amazon Web Services is an example of a core initiative (to make their operations more efficient) that grew into a powerful edge initiative that unlocked a new market, now delivers over 50% of the profits to the parent company, and is still growing rapidly.

This 60-minute workshop will teach you the exponential framework and guide you through how to brainstorm initiatives using these methods. Companies are scaling more quickly than ever, and you'll learn how to harness these new engines of growth inside your own organization.

Mar 6, 2019 5:00 PM in Amsterdam

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Mike Lingle
Chief Growth Officer @ExO Works
Mike is an experienced executive focused on helping global organizations achieve digital transformation by leveraging exponential technologies and disruptive innovation—based on everything he’s learned as a serial entrepreneur, former software developer, and mentor running accelerator programs for startups. He has decades of experience in B2B sales to Global 5000 companies and he co-founded, a SaaS-based platform for sales and marketing presentations that was acquired by VMWare in 2011.