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How to Protect Your Child After They Turn 18
Now that your kids are home from school, it is a good time to get informed about what you need to do to be able to keep protecting them even though they are now legally adults.

❗️Did you know that when your child turns 18, you as a parent will no longer be able to make important medical or financial decisions for them without their permission?

❗️Did you know that you can and will hit frustrating roadblocks and be prevented from being informed about what's happening with your child, even during a crisis or tragedy?

❗️Do you know your child's wishes when it comes to important medical procedures or end-of-life decisions, and have you planned to have the authority to carry them out? Are you prepared to be told by a doctor that you do not have a say?

Through this webinar we will review what parents need to know, as well as the process and for creating a Young Adult Emergency Plan for high school or college age children. This will allow them to be able to make decisions and safeguard their young adult children no matter the circumstances. The goal is to give parents of young adults peace of mind so they can continue being the caring parents they have always been.
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