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Confronting the Climate Crisis | The central role of Indigenous Peoples as frontline defenders against climate change


Oct 12, 2020 09:19 AM

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Winnie Jeptoo Sengwer
Human Rights Defender @Sengwer Center for Indigenous Rights
My name is Winnie Jeptoo Sengwer. I come from Sengwer Indigenous Community that resides in Embobut Forest in Kenya. I am a Human Rights Defender that is passionate about my community's land rights. This is because my community has been facing a lot of human rights violations that are caused by evictions from their ancestral home. I work with the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders also known as Defenders Coalition as an Advocacy Officer where we contribute to the enforcement of norms, policies, and institutional frameworks that enhance the security, work, and wellbeing of Human Rights Defenders. I am a board member of our community's organization known as Sengwer Center for Indigenous Rights.
Miriam Liempe
Miriam Liempe, Secretary for relations with native peoples of the Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina Autónoma (CTA Autónoma Argentina). It works from that space in areas of strengthening indigenous, inter-institutional, interdisciplinary and intercultural rights, interacting with traditional authorities of communities and territorial political organizations, strengthening strategic alliances of workers and native peoples. Participate in dialogue tables for the resolution of territorial and environmental conflicts at the National and International levels. He is a member of the Parliament of the Plurinational Parliament of Indigenous Peoples of Argentina. Assistant to Latin American meetings on indigenous rights. Participate in leadership spaces for indigenous women.
Strong Buffalo
@Oyate Hotanin and World Uranium Mining
Tatanka Ohitika (Tah-ton-kah Oh-he-te-kah), Strong Buffalo, is a Dakota elder, artist, and Executive Director of Oyate Hotanin (Oh-yah-tay Hoe-Tah-nine). His past work includes serving as Indigenous Director - World Uranium Hearing, Director Indigenous Uranium Forum, Research Director International Indian Treaty Council-NGO, Director of Minneapolis AIM Chapter, tribal councilman, and president of Community College. He is an Enrolled member of Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, an active member of Veterans for Peace, a decorated and wounded Vietnam Marine Veteran, who resides in St. Paul Minnesota, father of many.