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Veriphy® Analytics Learning #2 - Plan Risk, The Veriphy Score and the Plan Veriphy Score vs. Universe
Plan Risk
This chart illustrates the Risk side of the equation by measuring the monthly volatility of the entire plan and comparing it to a neutral benchmark built specifically for each plan.  We will discuss the Comparison to the Universe measurement at the next update.
Veriphy Score

Like a FICO™ score for your retirement plan
This is accomplished by measuring both the plan’s return and plan’s risk and comparing them to custom built benchmarks for each plan.  The Veriphy Score is that information represented in a single score.  If the score is positive then value has been added from the investment option in the plan.  If the Score is negative, then value has not been added.
Plan Veriphy Score vs. Universe
This chart illustrates the Veriphy Score for entire plan and compares it to all the plans in the Veriphy database.  For organizations that wish, a custom universe can be created (i.e. industry specific, geography specific, company size specific, etc.)  We will discuss the Plan Statistics measurement at the next update.


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