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Living Planet Course for Littlies - KS1/KS2
This is the living planet zoology online seminar for all KS1 and KS2 ages (younger class).

It is aired live 3pm UK time every Tuesday, for a 1 hour webinar. If you cannot come live but wish to get a recording, please sign up as normal below before the live time of each lesson and you will receive a recording a few hours after the event.

Please note you can hop in with one of these webinars at any time - you don't need to backdate or catch up on any content/lessons as each week is a new topic and stand-alone session. These are long-term lessons that run year-round. I upload new sessions to book every 6 weeks.

Upcoming bookable dates:

Feb 23: Fierce Felines: Big cats of the world and their conservation.
Mar 2: Wild Canids: the life of a wolf pack.
Mar 9: The Secret Life of Ants: from backgarden ants to tropical fire and bullet ants.
Mar 16: UK Birds: the world of birding.
Mar 23: Reptilians special: tortoises and crocodilians focus.
Mar 30th: Animal Defences: how far do wild animals go to ward off predators?

TERMS: the only way to access webinars LIVE is through an automated confirmation email that you receive either instantly or within a few minutes of registering. You must have this confirmation email before the live webinar, or you won't be able to gain access. If there are problems and you do not receive the confirmation email (due to email typos in the registration sign-up, for example), please try to let me know with 24 hours advance at least so I have time to sort it for you before the live session. If not, I will only be able to issue a recording or refund. I cannot help gaining access during the webinar or at the start time. Please ensure you keep the confirmation email safe after registering. Thank you.
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