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22TRA202 Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties
Session 1
• Dyscalculia and Mathematical Learning Difficulties.
• Factors that contribute to learning difficulties in math.

Session 2
• The foundations.
• Developing number sense and operation sense. Place value.
• Strategies for accessing (and understanding) the basic addition and subtraction facts.

Session 3
• Addition and subtraction. Inter-linking the operations.

Session 4
• Multiplication facts. Rote learning and alternative strategies. An introduction to developmental teaching.
• 'Long' multiplication and division, traditional and non-traditional methods.

Session 5
• How math develops. From the basics to algebra.
• Word problems. The Singapore model method

Session 6
• Fractions, decimals, percentages.

Session 7
• The affective domain
• Expectations, beliefs, fear of negative evaluation. Anxiety
• Self-esteem. Self-concept. Self-efficacy
• Attributional style

Session 8
• Diagnosis and Assessment

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Steve Chinn, PhD FRSA, is a visiting professor at the University of Derby, UK.
Steve's first experience of teaching maths was as a Doctoral student at the University of Leeds where he taught ‘A’ level maths to first year food science undergraduates, who had failed to pass this exam at school. That was a long time ago! He has lectured on maths learning difficulties and presented teacher training in over thirty countries. In 2013 he provided five days of consultancy for the Ministry of Education in Singapore. Steve has won a number of awards, including the Marion Welchman Award for international work on dyslexia the Lady Radnor Award for services to dyslexia. It has been the research, teaching and listening experiences with students who have difficulties with learning maths that has convinced him that by working with them we can discover so much about how all children can learn maths more effectively.