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Tuesday Online Group Healing
Join Christopher Macklin for a Healing Experience that is unlike any other!!
If you are a starseed who wants access to the Sacred Knowledge you were born with then please join us!
You can lift your vibration so high that nothing negative will be able to touch you.

In the Group Session you can expect a FULL cleanse of both your Meridian Lines, and Chakra Systems.
There will be a Past Life Clearing that allows you to release any esoteric transference you may be carrying, and a removal of any Negative Entities, Remote Viewers, or Transmissional Frequencies that are not for your highest good!

A Liver Function increase that will clear your head of any headaches or unusual thought patterns.

A Whole Body Detox that will work through each body system in full detail. This Detox will last several hours, and will leave you feeling more grounded and clear minded.

There will also be a Pineal Gland Activation!
Your Pineal Gland will be so pure after this session that you will be able to go outside and see the aura of the life that surrounds you.
This is associated with your Third Eye Chakra. After just one group session you will notice a PROFOUND difference of your view of this world.

This Group Session will leave you feeling floaty and euphoric!

The group healings are approximately ONE HOUR LONG with a REQUIRED resting period afterwards.
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