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Are you ready for scale in the world of 5G? How B2B telcos will manage the greater complexity of the new 5G world
The arrival of 5G is set to shake up the telecommunications space in innumerable ways.

Key among them is that telcos, techcos and integrators are forecast to be selling more interconnected devices than ever before. This means more SIM card activations, more applications layered over one another, and more complex and consequential change management.

Your current CPQ solution can perhaps manage changes, upgrades and fixes to a few hundred devices in a matter of hours.

But in a 5G world, you are going to need to manage changes to tens of thousands of devices - including sensors, cameras, and virtually all other connected things - in mere seconds.

Is your current tech architecture sufficient to handle that?

In this webinar, we discuss:

- Best practices for making complex changes quickly
- The vital role analytics plays in the decision-making process
- How automation can be leveraged to save businesses both time and money
- The ways service systems and CPQs can work closely together
- Key use cases currently being trialed in the market today
- How effective response to the new landscape positively affects your revenues


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