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Changing Interior of Workplace
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How do we envisage our workplace post COVID 19? With many employees having worked from home and generally successfully, does that infer that we downsize our offices and how would we do this? We need to understand who will use an office. Perhaps there is a rotation of ‘in office time’, or designated safe meeting rooms where everyone gathers once a month. As businesses such as We Work seem to be out of step at this time how will employees feel about hot desking? Are we going to see a shift back to more private offices? Do we really have to step back to move forward, are we really going back to the future? Perhaps design can save the day and construct portable design for home or anywhere, but who will pay the price? The employer or the employee abut what does it all mean for workplace designers?

Presented by:
Amanda Stanaway, Principal, Woods Bagot
Domino Risch, Principal, Hassell
Max Thomson, Project Director, Spitfire Control
Cathy Jameson, Design Director, Gensler

Facilitated by: Jan Henderson, Acting-Editor, Indesign magazine

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May 27, 2020 12:30 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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