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Understanding the Benefits of Advanced Ceramic Materials for Withstanding Harsh Environment Applications
Advanced ceramics are well suited to harsh environments given their ability to withstand high temperatures, various types of corrosion and can provide optical protection. This makes them the ideal material to act as a barrier between the harshest of elements and high value components. Advanced Ceramics can prevent damage to sensitive equipment, slow chemical and environmental corrosion and not lose its functional shape due to high temperatures. This session will feature a case study of harsh environments in space by the European Space Agency. The rest of the discussion will explore the benefits of advanced ceramics in meeting harsh environment application requirements of any sort. Attendance will help the audience to better understand the latest advancements and requirements in harsh environment application development.

Points to be discussed:
· Exploring the challenges of harsh environmental application development for key markets such as aerospace
· Learn how to effectively protect your product from extreme heat, radiation or chemical/environmental corrosion
· Determine the machinability of ceramic materials and how they may fit into you manufacturing process

Confirmed Discussion Leader:
· Landon Mertz, CEO, Cerion Nanomaterials

Confirmed Speakers:
· Yuriy Butenko, Materials Engineer, European Space Agency
· Dr. Frank Meyer, Managing Director, CeraNovis GmbH
· Dr. Adrian P. Tighe, Materials Engineer, European Space Agency

Sponsored by:
Cerion Nanomaterials

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