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Sound healing workshops
Welcome to the place where we all speak the same language, language of sound and vibration.

We have 7 workshop this year, each workshop one goal:

1. Stability and strength - Root Chakra - Apr 3, 2022
2. Abundance and creativity - Sacral Chakra - May 1, 2022
3. Courage and will - Solar Chakra - Jun 5, 2022
4. Love and acceptance - Heart Chakra - Jul 3, 2022
5. Clarity and listening to yourself - Throat Chakra - Aug 7, 2022
6. Vision and Dreams - Third eye Chakra - Sep 4, 2022
7. Responsibility and materialization - Crown Chakra - Oct 2, 2022

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Aural Center does not provide medical services, advice, diagnosis and treatment. The purpose of this content is not intended to be a substitute for any form of medical treatment. Always seek advice your chosen doctor regarding your possible medical problems and conditions, especially before you indulge in complementary therapies.


Mladen Cvetkovic
Sound Healing Therapist @Aural Center
Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner. Founder of Aural Centre- treatments with Tibetan traditional gongs and singing bowls. A seeker for the most subtle depths of the human soul.
Milica Cvetkovic
Special pedagogue @Aural Centar
Special pedagogue. Certified Practitioner of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Theta-Healing Methods and Evolutionary Astrology. Milica promotes the practical integration of high knowledge into everyday life.