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Hyperledger Member Webinar: DLT Labs & Walmart Use Blockchain to Improve Margins, Visibility & Transparency Throughout the Supply Chain - DLTLabs
Saving money, keeping costs down, improving profitability, these topics are at the front of every businessperson’s thoughts, especially in tough times. Businesses are doubling down on outcome goals, process goals and performance goals. Whenever two companies must share information in order to do business, there are inefficiencies and anything but perfect execution costs both money and time. Companies are built to work together, systems are not. Systems are built to work alone within each individual company. In this talk Loudon Owen from a Hyperledger Member company, DLT Labs, will introduce their solution: an out of the box platform with configurable modules called Samepaging. Samepaging can integrate with legacy systems and enable two companies to ensure agreements are being followed. Each participant in the process knows the integrity of the data is inherently accurate and up to date. This improvement to the process enables participants to forecast predictions that directly impact revenue and margins for the entire company. Samepaging is used today, in full production, by Walmart and its national network to improve their supply chain.

Jul 15, 2020 03:00 PM in London

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Louden Owen
@LoudonOwen @DLTLabs