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Accelerating the Development of Added-Value Ceramic Materials by Leveraging Scanning Electron Microscopy and the Focused Ion Beam Information
Advanced ceramic composites such as industrial ceramic coatings are praised and increasingly used by materials scientists due to the array of benefits they provide.

For instance, the ability to seal surfaces, the increase of thermal shock resistance using layered structures, and the propension to withstand high temperature conditions at high velocity, have positioned thermal barrier coatings (TBC) as an ideal blend for space-related applications.

It's precisely the understanding and control of the structure-property-composition relationships at the nanoscale level of those TBC that drives those materials performances. The combination of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with the focused ion beam (FIB) technique extends the 2D high-resolution imaging to a true automated 3D reconstruction, enabling the acceleration from the research and development stages to the production and manufacturing floors.

What you will learn:
· What the challenges of the-dimensional microanalysis on non-conductive, non-traditional ceramic materials are
· How two-dimensional data is turned into three-dimensional volumes and actionable information
· Where automation is improving throughput and accessibility of advanced charged particle microscopes.

Expert Speakers:
· Rick Passey, SEM/DualBeam Applications Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
· Hugues “H” Francois-Saint-Cyr, Industrial Sales Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Sponsored by:
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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