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Improve dispersion, reduce mixing time, and achieve best dimensional stability for rubber parts
VESTENAMER® transoctenamer (TOR) has been used as an additive in the rubber industry for many years. By virtue of its properties, the versatile transoctenamer (TOR) can solve a variety of problems in the compounding and processing of rubber. It can also improve the dynamic properties of the vulcanized material and as well be used to recycle waste rubber.

In this webinar, you will learn about the benefits of transoctenamer (TOR) in all areas of rubber manufacturing – from mixing to shaping to better finished properties of your final rubber part. In addition, recipes with transoctenamer (TOR) covering rubber goods such as hoses, rubber rollers, and rubber mats made out of recycled rubber will be discussed to highlight product benefits.

Who should attend?
Rubber Technologists
Processing Engineers
Rubber Chemists
Technical/R&D Managers
Product Managers
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