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Dive Ninjas - PADI Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Course
Team Ninja is going digital to bring the ocean to your home! For this session we are covering one of our most sought after courses, Coral Reef Conservation. This is the full Project AWARE & PADI certification course. And best of all you do NOT need to be a scuba diver to take this course, it is open to anyone interested in learning more about coral and how they can help protect it. Plus, it's suitable for all ages - so you can bring the mini ocean lovers too!

Topics we'll cover:
- Understanding Coral
- The importance of Coral Reefs
- The complex nature of life on the Coral Reef
- The current threats and issues coral reefs face
- Ways you can protect the reef as a scuba diver, snorkeler, & at home
- How Project AWARE and Dive Ninjas are working to protect reefs and how you can help out.

Course Cost: $85 USD
Duration: 2-3 hours
All ages. No prerequisites.

Whats included: All course materials & instruction, certification fee, digital copy of Project AWARE 'Our Water, Our World', a special Project AWARE PADI certification card, and a $10 donation to Project AWARE on your behalf.

Your Team Ninja Instructors:
Jay Clue (Master Instructor, Pro Photographer, Explorer, & Conservationist)
Ellen (PADI Instructor, Conservationist, & Coral Lover)


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