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International Agriculture and Technology Summit | Online Webinar
AgriTech EU Summit will take place on 14-15th September 2020 which will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Due to the current epidemic situation, we are supporting our attendees within online webinars, B2B local business meetings, and consulting services in their field.

The Summit itself covers Global Agriculture Technology and It is Sub-sectors such as Horticulture, Aqua Culture, and others.

The audience mainly consists of the following company profiles:

Food Growers and Production - 25%

AGTech - 22%

Machinery & Equipments - 18%

Investors - 15%

Logistic and Distributors - 12%

Government Bodies - 10%

Chemistry and Agriscience - 8%

AgriTech Summit covers Key and Trend Agriculture Technology Industry Topics such as:

- Opening Session: Future of Agriculture and Farming

- Sustainable Approach to Agriculture & Farming

- Innovative technologies for horticultural development

- AGTech :Latest Technologies & Strategies

- Precision Livestock Farming

- Laws & Regulations in Agriculture & Farming

- Trade & Investment in Agriculture & Farming

- Biotechnology, Seed, and Agrochemicals

- Data Management and Simulation Concepts

- AI Integration and Automation in Agriculture

In order to get a better look you can check the:

Official Summit Website: https://agritechsummit.global/webinars

Aug 20, 2020 10:00 AM in Warsaw

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