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Business Continuity, Tighter Collaboration and Controls in a Post-COVID World


Sep 9, 2020 02:44 PM

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Richard Williamson
CEO & Founder @Gen10
Richard has over 20 years' experience in the collaborative commodity management software market. Previously a cotton trader, he has led industry initiatives in data standardisation and automated processes, electronic contracts and big data with various institutions and trade associations in Europe, the US and Brazil, as well as government bodies such as USDA, UN and the AHDB in UK.
Dr. Gary Vasey
Managing Partner @ComTech Advisory
Dr. Vasey is an industry expert noted for his analysis, consulting, marketing, and branding skills. With over 36-years’ experience in the energy, IT and commodities trading industry, Gary has experienced the industry’s volatility as an executive of a trading firm, geologist, consultant, software developer, analyst, and marketing practitioner, providing him with unique insights, not just into the entire value chain, but also into how to position, brand, and deliver products and services to the industry. He is a noted expert on the commodity trading, transaction and risk management software industry and an accomplished industry analyst and thought leader.