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Agroecology, Regenerative Agriculture and 10,000-year-old Indigenous Food Knowledge
This webinar is part of the Swift Foundation's "Unpacking Jargon" webinar series. Swift Foundation Webinar Series: UNPACKING JARGON
The overarching goal of this series is the search of new ways of pleading for clarity and using appropriate language to ensure respectful and positive relationships with indigenous peoples and marginalized groups and avoid terms that may be discriminatory or offensive or the source of strategies that misuse their heritage and turn into another means of assimilation and displacement. It is also an invitation to the Philanthropic community to explore the nature, scope and extent of societal issues by discussing the interrelationship of problems, policies and politics. It is a proposition to think differently, to expand our comprehension of big, bulging, grab-bag words whose real meaning lie buried, somewhere, under compressed layers of other, superfluous, ill-defined, and unexamined notions.

This webinar will discuss and reflect on the ways the terms agroecology and regenerative agriculture as terms can be both helpful and harmful; how they have evolved over time as their meanings are disputed, contested and reconstituted to reflect changing social attitudes. It will address the tensions around the meaning and application of these terms upon the biocultural heritage of historically oppressed groups as they seek to reclaim their identities and define themselves in reference to their own realities. Discussions will offer specific critique and recommendations for how to contextualize these important terms in a more inclusive manner, inspire action and deepen understanding and collaboration.

Nov 16, 2020 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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