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Cenex-CAM Seminar: The leading innovators in UK CAM
At this year's Cenex-CAM, join Zenzic, Plug and Play and the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles as we showcase leading innovators as part of the Zenzic CAM Scale-Up programme.

Zenzic's Technology and Innovation Director, Dr Richard Porter and Plug and Play's Kieran Borrett will be discussing the programme itself and the benefits of collaboration between SMEs and corporates, as well as unveiling the shortlist of finalists.


Introduction from David Webb, Head of Innovation at the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Fireside chat - Dr Richard Porter, Zenzic and Kieran Borrett, Plug and Play discuss the CAM Scale-Up programme in more detail.

Plus, we unveil the shortlisted SMEs. Find out what it means to them being part of the CAM Scale-Up programme

Live Q&A

About the CAM Scale Up programme

Supported by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, the Zenzic CAM Scale-Up programme, in partnership with Plug and Play, gives UK-based self-driving technology SMEs and start-ups the unique opportunity to test their products in realistic environments across the various CAM Testbed UK facilities. Winners will be selected at an ‘Innovation Day’, taking place on 26 November. Those participants will get the opportunity to collaborate with corporate partners throughout the programme. The goal for participants is to deliver ready-for-market products and services that can meet required safety standards and operate in real-world environments. The winners will receive a share of up to £500,000 UK Government grant funding is available to support proof of concepts using CAM Testbed UK facilities.


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