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Real Estate Talk with Steve Liang (6-7PM)
Welcome to my Real Estate Talk!

Every Monday Evening, we invite successful movers and shakers in the real estate investment industry to share their experiences and how they became who they are. Most importantly, we will discuss the skillset and mindset you MUST HAVE in order to build and grow a successful real estate business.

Being a successful entrepreneur requires a combination of skillset, mindset, and relentless execution. Join my Real Estate Talk and draw inspirations from these amazing people accomplishing amazing things every. single. day.

- Interviews with guest speakers
- Real Estate Intelligence Report - where are the deals at?
- Mailbag Questions

Email your questions or deals to and we will discuss it during the Real Estate Talk.

Make sure to join us every Monday and Wednesday at 6PM - don't miss out on these great learning opportunities!

Your Host:

Steve Liang is the cofounder and CEO of Real Estate IQ, the market leader in Real Estate Intelligence Augmentation. Steve is a national speaker, and he is on the real estate advisory board of North Lake College.

Steve also co-founded the Real Estate Deal Finders Meetup, which hosts over 20 monthly real estate networking, deal finding and marketing trainings all over Texas. His goal is to help real estate entrepreneurs exceed their potential and achieve more than they can imagine.

Steve enjoys learning and experimenting on new things, and he is a voracious reader. On his off days, Steve enjoys experiencing different cultures through traveling and food.

Steve has spent most of his career practicing leadership, management, marketing, strategy, and execution.
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