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Session 4: Measuring Student Progress to Differentiate Virtual Instruction

Join literacy experts, Shaelynn Farnsworth and Becky Mack, as they guide you on how to measure student progress inside Writable and then fold that data back into your virtual instruction to differentiate learning to best meet individual student needs.

In the absence of assessments and testing it's still possible to measure student progress and use the actionable data to fuel your teaching. We'll explore the Growth Dashboard and Reporting areas of Writable, dig into you how Writable works to measure student progress, and give you tips and tricks for using these insights to successfully intervene when it matters and personalize assignments for your student's needs.

Shaelynn and Becky will also be available to answer any product or instructional question you might be struggling with or curious about.

We look forward to learning together!
Apr 14, 2020 03:00 PM
Apr 28, 2020 03:00 PM
May 12, 2020 03:00 PM
May 26, 2020 03:00 PM
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Shaelynn Farnsworth
Coach, Consultant, & Educator
Shaelynn is a leader in the convergence between literacy and technology. As a high school teacher, she redefined her English classroom as not only a place to learn about literature but also explore how technology is shaping the future of communications. She continues this exploration as a consultant focusing on technology, literacy, differentiation, and systemic change. Shaelynn is a staff developer, literacy coach, and supports districts in the implementation of initiatives. She is a MIEExpert, Google Certified Innovator, Apple Teacher, and has training in Project-Based Learning from the Buck Institute, Visible Learning with Hattie, Instructional Coaching, and K-12 Literacy Best Practices.
Becky Mack
Customer Success @Writable
Becky has an extensive background in curriculum, literacy instruction, assessment, professional development, and educational technology that allows her to bring a wealth of knowledge into her work with educators at Writable. She spent 14 years as a public school elementary teacher where she made Writer’s Workshop the heart of her classrooms. During this time she developed a strong appreciation for professional learning as a way to support a teacher’s holistic growth. This drove her to become an administrator, where she spearheaded professional development and teacher effectiveness for an additional six years. Becky’s unique understanding of the pedagogy behind literacy instruction allows her to support both educators in their work and the Writable team in creating the most comprehensive and flexible writing program available. She is deeply passionate about literacy and working with educators to help every student succeed.