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Case Study: In-Depth Photo Editing Workflow Michèle Grenier
Join photographer Michèle Grenier as she shares her editing workflow from start to finish. Learn how she maximizes dynamic range with tonal adjustments as well as color grades her images.

Michele Grenier is a commercial, advertising and event sports photographer based in Quebec City, Canada. Her mission is to share authentic and intense visual stories with communities all over the world. Michele is also an author, speaker, educator and a Skylum brand ambassador. She works with clients such as Gestev inc., Lululemon, LYFT-RX, MissFit, Mitsubishi, Sony Canada and XPN World.

This session is free to attend and is brought to you by The Artists' Notebook project. Thanks to ThinkTAP, KEH, Lume Cube, and Skylum for their support with the project.


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