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Slocan Valley Co-operative Association
Slocan Valley Co-operative 62nd Annual General Meeting
The Board of Directors has set the date to move forward with hosting a virtual AGM to report on the 2019 fiscal year. Following provincial guidelines, we believe a virtual meeting supports our ongoing commitment to ensure a safe option for our membership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit our website at - www.slocanvalleycoop.ca - for further information, and to download copies of the meeting agenda, and the 2019 Financial Statements.

- Reports from Board & Management
- 2019 financial statements
- Special Sustainability report
- Nominations and Director election
- Appointment of Auditors
- Transact further business as needed

- Special Resolution - Rule 103
Currently reads as: “A resolution of the directors may be passed without a
meeting if each of the directors entitled to vote on the resolution consents to the
resolution in writing.”
The proposed amendment enables the Board of Directors to conduct necessary
business when a meeting is not required by utilizing current electronic means.
The proposed amendment would have the change to Rule 103 to read “A
resolution of the directors may be passed without a meeting if a majority of the
director entitled to vote on the resolution consent in writing to the resolution.”

Sep 20, 2020 04:00 PM in Vancouver

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