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Risk Management "We've always done it this way and nothing has happened" - Not the Best Strategy


Mar 26, 2019 10:36 AM Saskatchewan

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Aron Bookman
Lawyer @Carfra Lawton LLP
Aron Bookman’s insurance defense practice covers a diverse range of claims that often involve multiple parties facing potential liability. Insurers, municipalities, regulatory bodies and institutional clients all turn to him for claims involving construction, fraud, municipal liability, personal injury, employment law and human rights. Aron’s successful approach to defending claims begins the moment he receives a file. Dedicating time at the outset to thoroughly assess the details of the claim allows Aron to take control of the case and develop the strategy needed to effectively manage each stage of the file. Combining the communication skills needed to work with multiple parties with his thorough preparation, Aron actively seeks out opportunities to resolve disputes quickly. He has built a reputation amongst insurers as a highly practical lawyer who will fight to have unjust claims against his client dismissed outright instead of negotiating any form of settlement.