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Move Beyond Trading Hours for Dollars: 3 steps to creating a practice you love that pays what you deserve so you can live more & work less
In this free virtual masterclass for PTs and Health Professionals, you'll learn the following 4 secrets:

(1) The three major things you're doing that keep getting in the way of achieving your career and practice goals...and what to do instead so you can work smarter, not harder

(2) How to use a heart-centered, non-salesy, non-aggressive approach to attract your ideal clients...without spending all of your money and time chasing the latest marketing gimmick or tactic

(3) How to create and fill online & offline programs, and workshops that help more people and make more money... for less of your own time & energy

(4) The #1 support secret that helps my clients and me work exactly the way we want--living first, working second.

This webinar is for you if you're:

--A new or young professionals looking for direction and not wanting to settle for an explanation of "that's just the way it is in this profession."

--A current or future business owner who needs confidence and know how to start or grow a practice...especially one that includes wellness or health services, coaching, or telehealth.

--A seasoned health professional feeling lost or stuck on the hamster wheel in a health world that makes it hard to find balance while making a decent salary.

--A health, wellness, or fitness pro who doesn't believe it's really about the money...but know life would be easier if you didn't have to worry about bills, student loans, paying for kids' school, or paying for your own health problems.

I only teach this masterclass, worth $750, 1-2x per year for FREE.

Space is limited. This class fills up every time.

A recording will be available for 4 days after the class if you need to miss any part of it.

If you come live, you will get a free gift!
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