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How to Protect Your Smart Home in 2020
Do you own an Alexa device? If yes, then you live in a smart home. And you're not alone -- today, the average American owns 12 smart devices. Whether you've welcomed 1 or 100 devices into your home, you have a responsibility to understand the threats and protect you and your family.

This webinar provides an inside look into how to protect your smart home in 2020. We explain the inner workings of today's smart homes (e.g., devices, data, connectivity) and how to address common vulnerabilities. We also share emerging technologies that will underpin your future smart home. Finally, we explain why owning your data is crucial to realizing human-centered smart homes.

IoTeX & NKN are at the forefront of smart home security and privacy -- don't miss this special event with our industry experts!

Speakers include:

- Larry Pang: Head of Business Development, IoTeX

- Allen Dixon: VP of Product Management, NKN

- Brittany Kaiser: Cambridge Analytica whistleblower and head of Own Your Data Foundation
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