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Trust and Fearless Leadership®: Why it matters and how to build it in a virtual world
We all want to be trusted and most of us want to trust others. So why is trust so hard? It's a lot to do with what's happening in the brain.

As Corrinne asks people about the benefits of our ‘current normal’, many people comment on greater levels of trust and empowerment as we work from home. Did we need a global pandemic to teach us to trust the people we employed, to do the job they were employed to do?

Join Corrinne for a conversation about Trust and Fearless Leadership:
• Why trust matters and the risk if we don’t trust
• The neuroscience of trust – what’s happening in our brain
• Simple ways to undermine trust (or how to avoid destroying trust!),
• Strategies to build trust, especially in a virtual environment
• The payoffs from trusting more.

This is a conversation that matters if you lead a team, an organisation or a community. It’s a lunch time happening, so grab your leftovers from last night’s dinner and let’s talk Fearless Leadership.

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