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Interview Results From Long-Term Online Instructors: Perspectives, Experiences, and Lessons Learned
This webinar is part of our OLC Innovate 2021 Best-in-Track (Research: Designs, Methods, and Findings) summer webinar series!

As online education continues to evolve, it is important to learn from stakeholders who are highly experienced in the field. While some recent literature (e.g. Mansbach & Austin, 2018) has explored the online faculty experience, less research has investigated the perceptions of faculty with several years of experience in online environments. The Oregon State University Ecampus Research Unit (ECRU) is contributing to this literature with the Long-Term Instructor Project. Members of the ECRU have interviewed 33 faculty from diverse disciplines at Oregon State who have taught online for 10 years or more. This presentation shares results from the first four studies that have come out of the Long-Term Instructor Project. These results have useful implications for online faculty development.

The presentation focuses on results of four analyses from this study. A qualitative analysis of the instructor responses to the following questions will be discussed: What has kept you teaching online?; What skills do you think are most valuable for online instructors to have?; What advice do you have for new online instructors; and What do you think is the future of online learning?


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