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Webinar - special edition: Electrospinning in Medical Applications
Content of webinar:
1. Growth of mammalian cells on electrospun nanofiber mats by Prof. Dr. Dr. hab. Andrea Ehrmann

Nanofiber mats can be produced by electrospinning from diverse polymers and polymer blends as well as with embedded ceramics, metals, etc. The large surface-to-volume ratio makes such nanofiber mats a well-suited substrate for tissue engineering and other cell growth experiments. Here we give an overview of possible modifications of nanofiber mats in terms of material and morphology to support cell growth and adhesion.

2. Electrospinning of modified chitosan for medical uses by M.Sc. Henrik-Alexander Christ

Nanofibrous chitosan is one of the most promising candidates for many areas, ranging from medical application such as wound dressing and tissue engineering to pharamceutical and biotechnology uses such as immobilization of biocatalyst. However, for realization of its full potential, chemical modification of the polymer chains are often needed. Here we describe and unentangle the complex electrospinning process of such highly modified chitosan derivatives and shed light on the potential fields of application that will benefit from the resulting nanofibers.

3. Discussion

Feb 23, 2023 03:00 PM in Prague Bratislava

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