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How To Make Property Effortlessly Done For You
Learn how you can build a property portfolio without having to trade your life in return. Learn how a set and forget philosophy with a clear plan and strategy will allow you to grow your portfolio whilst still enjoying time with the kids, a social life and to focus on that all important career.

Gladfish as part of the Ezytrac Property Group has been building and managing portfolios for clients for over 15 years. it currently manages over 1200 properties for investors from 27 countries.
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Brett Alegre-Wood
Chairman & Founder @Gladfish & Ezytrac Property Group
If you've got a deal that either needs sales, fund raising, or the right partner/s. I am open to equity, joint venture or debt based solutions. SUMMARY Chairman of Gladfish, Castlereach, Rant & Ezytrac. I am a passionate entrepreneur with a flair for property. My companies have crowdfunded, built, sold, let and managed over £1 Billion+ worth of UK and London property alone. We help you build a portfolio of property based investments, all effortlessly Done for You. PERSONAL - Winner of the Peoples Book Prize 2007,Trained in military as Airforce Cadet, Army Artillery & Navy Diver, Father of 4, TV, Radio, Online personality PROPERTY - Industry Expert for 25 Years+, Responsible for over £1 Billion+ in Sales with 3000 clients, Ranked Top 100 Investment Blogs In The World, Top 20 Property Influencers In The UK SPORT - Cyclist, MMA, Boxing & Karate Fighter