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Secret Sauce and Open Source: The Battle for the Home Wi-Fi Middleware
With the proliferation of devices, the home is rapidly becoming a dense environment requiring a new level of Wi-Fi performance and coverage. Service providers are now increasingly taking ownership of the home Wi-Fi experience.

For operators, adaptive Wi-Fi is the first step towards converting the connected home into a smart-home by delivering a modern service delivery platform that is cloud-based, highly scalable, cognitive, and allows to leverage actionable data and create new applications and services sufficiently well and fast to outpace the OTTs. Emerging home services will range from elderly care to home automation and gaming.

In this webinar we will discuss:

• Latest trends in the connected home
• Respective initiatives from the various associations to address in-home Wi-Fi
• What is happening to the middleware?
• How can home CPE vendors continue to differentiate in light of these open source initiatives?
• What are the implications for home IoT?
• What innovations to expect in the next 12-18 months
• What are the implications for service providers?


• Robin Mersh, CEO at the Broadband Forum
• Mirko Lindner, Program Director, prpl Foundation
• Tiago Rodrigues, General Manager, WBA
• John Bahr, Principal Architect, wireless R&D, CableLabs

Moderator: Adlane Fellah, Senior Analyst, Maravedis

Take advantage of our newly released research paper addresses the rapid developments in the battle for controlling the home Wi-Fi middleware and more broadly the connected home experience. This research paper also includes home Wi-Fi projections.
More at https://goo.gl/f2sr9v
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