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CPD Live: Low Carbon Design and Materials by The Footprint Company
Title: Low Carbon Design and Materials
Presented by: Dr Caroline Noller, Founder & Chief Executive, The Footprint Company

Session Synopsis:
What is embodied carbon and how can we achieve the deep cuts of 40-50% proposed? This session will provide participants an understanding of embodied carbon and how it relates to individual materials, and more importantly, whole building design. This session will arm participants with the knowledge of how to apply key embodied carbon reduction design strategies and design principles. Provide basic skills to make more proactive design choices to immediately, thus improving the materials carbon footprint. Finally, learn how to save time by efficiently locating the appropriate information for project applications.

Key Learning Outcomes:
- Evaluate design choices to achieve lower embodied carbon outcomes
- Gain knowledge to apply the best carbon reduction strategy for a given project scenario (scale and stage)
- Increase research skills to efficiently locate suitable carbon information resources for project applications.

AACA Competency Standards related to this session:
Design: Conceptual Design 3.2, 3.7
Design: Schematic Design 4.1
Documentation: Detailed Design 5.5
Documentation: Documentation 6.5

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CPD Questionnaires will be available at indesignlive.com/cpd-live

Oct 1, 2020 03:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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