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Webinar 4 - The Core Capacities to Transform Trauma in Schools: The Healing Community
In Webinars #3 and #4 we take a comprehensive look into strategies that help to build healing and resilience practices in schools. These include Reflective Practices, Restorative Practices, Reframing, Stress Mitigation and other SEL skills. Our model of promoting resilience in schools recognizes that sustainable change requires top down, bottom up and lateral implementation of these practices. They require close partnership between and amongst administrators, workforce, students and families, and rest on the notion that resilience is largely relational. When we prioritize and resource high quality relationships on all of these levels, the work of schools thrives. The trauma-informed schools model also rests on the belief that SEL skills are not “soft skills” but essential human skills necessary for excellence, growth and positive change.


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