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The Skilled Labor Delusion - The Problem Isn't a Lack of People
What if you fill every open position in your company and it puts you out of business?

What if you lose the war for talent?

What if you and your processes are the real problem...not just a lack of people?

The skilled labor shortage in the construction industry isn't really a "problem." It's actually a symptom of underlying problems that hiring more people won't solve. Business owners and leaders who don't want to lose the war for talent need to understand what the real problems are.

Here's what you'll get from this webinar:

- You will uncover some of the process problems hidden in plain sight.
- Learn about an industry with a much worse labor shortage, and what they're doing to solve it in addition to finding more people.
- A simple but powerful framework you can use to find your real problems.
- Surprising root causes of productivity issues that have nothing to do with your field crews.
- The 5 step process you should go through before you think about hiring your next employee.
- What you need to do differently if you want to win the war for talent.
- What you can start doing differently today to attract more people to your team.
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