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A Taste of the Maremma and Montepulciano with Antinori
A fascinating insight into the practices and principles of these two Antinori Estates.
Riccardo Cecchi - Technical Director at La Braccesca in Montepulciano and Georgia Dimitriou - Winemaker at Le Mortelle in Maremma will be taking us through a line up of their wines as well as the following factors that influence the styles of their wines:

-The exploration and unique discovery ethos of the Antinori Family
-The diversity found in Italy's indigenous grapes
-The success of International varieties here (
The expression of site and soil suitability.
How the ethos in production has changed over the years. Reference:

*Climate change
* Oak useage
* Alcohol levels
* Acidity levels
-Climatic differences between the estates and their effect on the production methods and styles
-On-going research and development.


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