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Time is Money: Case Study of Outsourcing DevOps Processes and Tools to make IT Operations Life Easier and Faster
So far, DevOps has been associated with in-house projects, and in that context, it has been analysed and described a lot. However, what if a company wishes not to hire more people, especially considering the huge demand for DevOps, but prefers to outsource the project? Is outsourcing DevOps even possible? In this webinar, we will prove that DevOps works and brings tangible results to the outsourcing model.

We will share the story of a complex transportation system made for our customer, which was delivered using the DevOps approach and Microservices architecture. In terms of tangible results, we could decrease lead time (from months to days) while improving quality. If you would like to find out more about the process and how to put it in motion, feel invited to our webinar.

In this virtual event, we will gain insights into:
- How we could spin up an environment in few days, instead of weeks or months.
- How the testing team could replicate the exact problem customer has reported.
- How we decreased lead time (from commit to prod) from months to days.
- How the operations team loved the tools and processes we’ve developed for them.


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