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Can Nutrition Really Help Beat the Blues?
When times are challenging, it's a common perception that stress and poor mood are purely the result of things beyond our control. While our circumstances are undeniably significant, it's also important to consider the psychological & physical resilience of the individual.

Understanding the essential role nutrition plays in the anatomy & physiology of the brain & CNS tells us that targeted nutritional strategies may offer support & protection to the brain.

This webinar will explore the results of numerous high- quality studies, on a wide range of nutritional interventions including dietary change, single amino acids, micronutrients & nutraceuticals, which suggest that this approach is an effective and under-utilised one that can indeed help us to beat the blues.

Nov 10, 2021 07:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Rachel Arthur
BHSc BNat (Hons 1st) @Rachel Arthur Nutrition
Rachel Arthur is a respected and widely published naturopath and registered nutritionist specialising in integrative nutrition, with a special interest in diagnostics. With over 20 years’ experience in both the clinic and the classroom, Rachel is considered a leading nutritional educator, delivering post-graduate training and mentoring to doctors, pharmacists, dietitians, naturopaths and other health professionals, alike. She has contributed work to authoritative texts, including all 4 editions of the award-winning: Herbs & Natural Supplements – An Evidence Based Guide (Elsevier). She delivers a popular monthly podcast Update in Under 30 and a post-graduate mentoring program for clinicians. Rachel’s ongoing enthusiasm for integrative health and for education make her presentations practical and empowering experiences for attendees.