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How to provide remote HVAC services in the age of travel restrictions Webinar, July 8, 2020
Are you wondering how to provide your customers with HVAC services in this pandemic period, while there are travel restrictions and possible periodic lockdowns? Now, more than ever, we realize the importance of being able to provide services remotely, without going onsite. In this webinar, we’ll review our new cloud-based remote Service Provision solution and show you how to:

- Remotely access the internal data points of all leading VRF equipment brands
- Remotely monitor system behavior in real-time
- Perform graphical analysis of historical trends
- Build automatic rules for predictive maintenance
We’ll discuss the benefits for VRF HVAC Service providers, technicians, and contractors, as well as the values they can bring to their end customers – the facility managers and building owners. After presenting the solution capabilities, we’ll explain how the solution helps in dealing with real-life scenarios.

This webinar is for VRF Service Providers, technicians, and contractors who are looking to expand their toolkit offering with digital remote capabilities.


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