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Public Art for the People: Visibility, Pride + Community Building
Public Art for the People:
Visibility, Pride + Community Building
Murals and Martinis ™ 2020
Citywide Virtual Tour and Conversation

Together Newark has built a City of monuments, painted, fabricated, and installed to produce public acknowledgements of our beliefs, our leaders and our elders. Public art has been a vehicle for congregation and joy, providing platforms for our stories, bringing us together, to openly discuss topics and issues important to our communities. This event brings together four public art organizers whose foundations are rooted in community building, and making art for/with the people.

Newark’s Director of Arts and Culture fayemi shakur will speak about social justice driven art praxis and working within the current administration to mandate public space for art of all kinds. Malcolm A. Rolling will speak about the legacy of Yendor Productions, and their dedication to transforming abandoned or forgotten spaces into places for all. Rebecca Pauline Jampol will share her current work with the Four Corners Public Arts Project, and how we can empower neighborhoods by creating opportunities to elevate local voices and retell history. Rorshach Art Collective will give us an inside look into the Abington Walls and speak about writers, and representation.

Lastly, we are thrilled to welcome poet MiaX, who will perform in front of a local artwork that has inspired her. She will share how public art has been healing and uplifting in the midst of a pandemic.

Produced by Newark Arts, in partnership with The Newark Museum of Art and powered by Prudential Foundation, Verizon and Goldman Sachs.

To view the full Festival schedule, visit https://newarkartsfestival.com/exhibitions-happenings/

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