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Managing Fear, Anxiety & Stress: Mental Health Support and Tools to Navigate the New Normal
In this time of uncertainty and intense stress many of us are finding that we don't have adequate support tools to process what's happening around us. With heightened anxiety around COVID-19, breaking news reports, and public health measures constantly changing, its hard to find peace. And if you are working with birth clients as a doula or care provider, or if you are expecting a baby in the midst of the chaos, you are likely on edge. Join us for an informative and interactive lecture focused on grounding, providing accessible and actionable mental hygiene tools, and processing the mental anguish and anger so many of us feel right now. If you are seeking a licensed mental health provider, you will learn how to find a support person that can work with you.

This session will be guided by Nneka Symister, LCSW at The Seleni Institute and Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow


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