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From Wildfire Crisis to Community Resiliency — Charting a Just Transition
As community members across the West pick up the pieces from this devastating wildfire season, we must chart a path towards a just transition away from the destructive practices that brought us here. Despite the odds, impacted communities at the frontlines of this season’s wildfires are banding together, building inspiring networks of mutual aid and stepping up hand-in-hand to address this incredible challenge. Join us to learn about how we can build a Green New Deal to protect our communities from climate-driven wildfires, and create a just transition for those on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Allie Rosenbluth, Rogue Climate


Niria Alicia, Climate Justice Activist & Community Organizer
Brenna Bell, Forest Policy Expert
Margo Robbins, Yurok Tribal Member & Cultural Fire Advocate
Anthony Rogers-Wright, Green New Deal Organizer
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