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Food Allergy Teen Mental Health: Finding balance & when to ask for help
Sometimes it feels like the world dealt you a crap hand of cards. You can’t hang out with friends without preplanning. You can sense your parents are trying to keep their stress and frustration about managing your food allergies a secret, but you hear their whispers. You really want to date but thinking about the whole kissing situation gives you anxiety.

Let’s face it, being a teen is hard, being a food allergy teen can sometimes feel impossible.

That’s why we are talking about how to find balance and ask for help as a food allergy teen.

> How do you know if how/what you are feeling is normal?
> Who can you turn to if you can’t talk to your parents?
> How do you find balance and not let anger be your go-to mode?

Sophie Malik, Zestfull Teen Editor
Tamara Hubbard, LCPC
Amanda Orlando, Author & Food Allergy Advocate
Sydney Hankin, Director of Operations, Securing Safe Food

Kortney Kwong Hing, Zestfull Co-Founder


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