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Top Tips Webinar for Film Marketers and Strategists
What can the entertainment industry learn from the very best of eCommerce?

The entertainment industry can learn a lot from the eCommerce world which is 20 years ahead when it comes to building winning sales and marketing strategies.

We at usheru, spend our time applying learnings from our time in the eCommerce space to the film industry and through this webinar, we will share some of the most important lessons that can help you improve any long term sales strategy and formulate some winning marketing activities.

During this session you will discover what can the film industry learn from the eCommerce marketing strategy and we'll go through 5 key points:

- What does a good long term strategy look like
- How can you improve marketing attribution for theatrical and home entertainment releases
- How to track the performance of every marketing campaign
- How to build up a major fan database
- How to own your audience and not rent it from platforms like Facebook
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