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[Launch Webinar] Introducing The New and Certified Obstruction Lighting Range
Avlite Systems will launch our new Obstruction lighting via our second live webinar on Wednesday 21 October at 4:00 pm UTC -4.

The Obstruction webinar includes:

• Market Trends, Needs and Direction of Obstruction marking
• Recent Obstruction Case Study
• Our new Obstruction Controller
• Introducing our new Obstruction Lighting Range
- The new Low Intensity single and dual AV-OL-LI.
- The new Medium Intensity AV-OL-MI.
- The new Combined Medium Intensity AV-OL-CMI.
• What is coming next for Avlite Heliport range?

Our Obstruction launch webinar will be hosted by Michael Walker, Head of Global Sales and Marketing. He will introduce Avlite and give a brief overview of our Obstruction business.

Presenting a recent Case Study installation will be Tara Stewart, President - Avlite Systems USA. Our obstruction range will be launched by Wade Evans, Product, Project and Solutions Manager - Aviation and Digital.
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