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How Machine Learning Can Generate Data-Driven Branding, Storytelling, and Content for DMOs
While we've come a long way in measuring campaign performance, quite the opposite is true for brand performance.

It's no secret that the ability to quickly turn data into decisions is what separates successful companies from the rest. It's also no secret that differentiation and relevance allow a brand to stand out from its competition and capture people’s time, attention and money. This is especially true for the tourism industry where competition is vast and the traveler is making decisions every day.

Every DMO, regardless of existing data sources and infrastructure, can quickly harness this wisdom to stand out from competition and learn from the best brands in the world. Maurizio and Michael will showcase examples from inside and outside the hospitality and tourism space while Ed and Will share their experience from their diverse marketing backgrounds. P.S. No technical or data knowledge required. Panelists:

Maurizio Boano, Director of Business Analytics, CRANT
Ed Harris, President & CEO, Discover Lancaster
Will Seccombe, President, Connect Travel
Michael Wise, Director of Data Science, CRANT


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