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Introduction to Natural Cheesemaking: Rennet Cheeses, Camembert & Mozzarella - Australian Time
This one day class with David Asher is designed to give a basic understanding of the philosophy of natural cheesemaking. Students will learn about raw milk’s microbiology, and how to cultivate an effective starter culture from it; how to curdle their milk with natural rennet; how to make a basic rennet cheese; how to ferment that cheese and stretch it into a fresh mozzarella; and how to age the same cheese into a Camembert with a natural white rind.

module 1: raw milk’s microbes; and cultivating a natural starter from them
module 2: curdling milk with rennet; and making a basic rennet cheese
module 3: salting cheese & ageing into a Camembert
module 4: fermenting curd and making Pasta Filata cheeses

The course is demonstration style: students will observe David making cheese, learning about the various aspects of the make as the milk evolves into its final products.

The class runs from 7:30am (AEST) to 3:00pm, with a 1 hour break for lunch (11-12pm) and two 15 minute breaks.
Class size is limited to 30 students.

The cost is $100 US.
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