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Is money for or against the climate crisis?


Nov 27, 2019 06:48 PM

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Vivek Raja
Senior Financial Analyst @Shore Capital
Vivek has worked in equity research for over the last decade mostly covering financial companies. Decisions upon his advice affect investments across the world. He will bring a day to day insight into the world of finance in answering this question.
Stephen Barnett
CEO @Util
Stephen previously worked for HSBC. He now works with an amazing team to build a completely new way of valuing companies by combining financial fundamentals, ESG tools, big-data analysis and impact theory. He believes markets will be influenced by climate risk and socially responsible investing.
Rachel Mountain
Head of Marketing and Communications @Ethex
Rachel is responsible for the marketing and communications activities at one of the UK’s leading positive impact investing platforms Ethex and its sister platform Energise Africa. Combined both platforms have raised £85 million of investment from a community of 17,500 people to help more than 90 sustainable businesses protecting people and the planet scale and grow. She has over 20 years of marketing and communications experience, particularly focused in the areas of green and sustainable finance.