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*Free* Be a Professional Cuddle - The Basics
* Are you a people person with lots of compassion, kindness and love to share?

* Do you want to help make the world a more affectionate place?

* Can you see yourself providing hugs and platonic touch as part of your career?

My name is Fei Wyatt, and I’m a Professional Cuddler. Similar in some ways to a massage therapist, Professional Cuddlers provide clients with nurturing touch for a set amount of time - typically an hour.

Because cuddling is a new profession, you probably have lots of questions. I’ve created this 90-minute webinar to provide you with tons of information about this unique career.

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

The Anatomy of a Private Cuddle Session
In this section, I’ll break down everything that occurs in a typical cuddle session.

Your Safety
We’ll go over the many protocols you can use to make sure you are always safe.

Keeping it Platonic
It’s important to know what to do to assure that your cuddle sessions remain platonic (nonsexual). We’ll also talk about what to do to steer it back in a platonic direction if need be.

The Venue
I’ll explore with you the options available to you for where to have your sessions - along with the pro’s and cons of each one.

We’ll have a candid discussion about what you can charge for your services as a professional cuddler. We’ll also touch on options to receive payment.

Marketing Ideas
We’ll discuss what you can do to gain credibility for yourself and your business. We’ll also touch on the many things you can do to get the word out.

I’ll leave time for you to ask questions about anything we didn’t cover.

Bonuses and More Education
In our final few minutes, I’ll share with you two special bonuses for attending the webinar. I’ll also provide information about how you can get certified as a Professional Cuddler

Oct 19, 2017 5:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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