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LEAD Network Webinar: Shifting the Nature of the Conversation about Confidence
In the LEAD Network “All About Confidence” campaign we’ve set out to explore how we can change the narrative about women’s confidence. Myths of women lacking confidence and ambition are getting in the way and we feel they are not helpful. We want to move away from a notion that women have to be fixed or should change how they show up to better fit with the image of the ideal leader. This requires organisations and individuals to change not just how they talk about the topic of confidence or how they define leadership but look at how corporate culture and systems may need changing, too.
During this Webinar, together with Sonia Bate, Managing Director at Edit Development and Sarah Chartrand SVP Global Talent, Leadership & Diversity at Ahold Delhaize, we'll explore what needs to happen to change the nature of the conversation at an organisational and individual level. Join us for this discussion and share your questions and thoughts.
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Sonia Bate
Managing Director @Edit Development
Sarah Chartrand
SVP Global Talent, Leadership & Diversity @Ahold Delhaize
Sarah is also a member of the LEAD Network Advisory Board