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Montgomery County Employers -- FREE Teleworking Webinar
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many employers had to quickly implement telework programs, with little to no preparation.

Are you finding it challenging to manage staff resources while so many of your employees are working remotely? Wonder what types of technology solutions, organizational structure or communications strategies might help you and your staff be more productive under these circumstances?

Montgomery County Commuter Services is hosting this webinar to address these and other questions you may have about telework. You will hear from our telework experts on managing for success and get ideas that you can implement right away.

Topics covered will include:
• best practices for quick-starting and ramping up a telework program
• tips for successfully implementing management controls and productivity
• adaptations to the current situation that can work for both employers and employees
• low-cost tech solutions that can make a big difference in the ease of working from home
• answers to your most important questions

To submit your questions in advance, email commuter.services@montgomerycountymd.gov
by noon, Monday, April 6.


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